Pork Pies and Hair spaghetti – looking good Timmy Boy

This is my first Sponsored post. Please feel free to check my affiliations.
As a blogger,especially a humour blogger, the first thing you learn is people just can’t
help sending you free products.
I have had so many nookmark bookmarks I was able to build a house extension with the
bamboo they are made out of.

The Magic of Affiliation

Approaching 50, I figured I should embrace this new direction in my life.
I just love pork pies.
Just watch. I’ll probably have 50 pork pies by this time next week.
It’s magic.

Lipstick and Hair Spaghetti

This is a serious post as I’ve been sponsored by edible lipstick and hair spaghetti.
I’ll have to put the humor to one side for today.
I would have preferred a pork pie face pack and some crack cocaine but don’t we all
make the best of each opportunity we get?


Normal day

I got up early , and thought I would get a cup of tea.
McTwitties nib nobs is my cookie of choice. I make them myself.
 I was stoked to try them out and see if they lived up to their reputation.
I have quite short hair, so I opened the packet of stringy hair spaghetti.
It comes with it’s own free spaghetti comb.
I have to say I was impressed.
It was stringy yet strong enough to hold to the head without any glue.
I don’t have a mirror in the house but I had to go to the post office anyway.
I usually see myself in the reflection of the glass entrance door.

Nobody minds if I make myself ‘world-ready’ in the post office doorway.

I almost forgot the lipstick. I opened it up and twisted the end round till it was almost
fully out of the pack and took a quick bite.
I honestly can’t see the value, 2 or 3 bites and it would be gone.
It did taste almost like pork however and I hoped it would go well with the hair
I imagine if I’m late home and my bus was cancelled I wouldn’t go hungry with a good
head of spaghetti and a pocket full of pork-lippy.
It would work well.

Post office

I needed to get a few stamps, as I had an idea to send a message to our postman.

So I pulled on my clod-hoppers, jeggings and my new spray on T-shirt. 

and headed out to the post office.

I always like to get there early as the post office is always busy.


It was a very tiring day, going to the post office,getting dressed and everything.
I knew I wouldn’t be hungry.
Imagine if there was an armed robbery and the door was locked.
Most people would get hungry pretty quick.
With my – Hair spaghetti – I could still look hot and have a snack for later.
Nobody said a word to me but I knew I was looking good.

A little bit of the green eyed monster, I think.




I heartily recommend the hair spaghetti and I will be ordering more of it.
The pork flavoured edible lipstick should come in more flavours. I would prefer quince.
I would still buy it, but I am someone very careful about their social reputation so
wouldn’t wear it around my village.

R and R

I’m taking a few days off, even though I’m super stoked for my next affiliate opportunity.
Once my pork pies arrive, I might go on holiday.
Nothing better than a secluded spot and a suitcase full of pork pies.
What’s your idea of the perfect mini-break?

Are you blonkers?

Join in and leave a comment.
Don’t be embarrassed. I’ve done that enough for everybody.

16 thoughts on “Pork Pies and Hair spaghetti – looking good Timmy Boy

  1. I am DEFINITELY bonkers, and I LOVE it! I hate pork pies, and don’t wear lipstick but used to like the pepoermint flavoured ones. I waer my hair up nowadays so don’t need much spaghetti in it. I’m hungry! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

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