At a time of whose choosing?

Let’s assume someone passed me the spoon.I can talk, but I am still loathe to post.I’m 13 months in and I feel very fortunate.  I am phrasing it as a positive experience.The more I read, the more I realise as deaths go,we were very lucky.We had no choice as to what happened in many ways, […]

Cutting out the awkward middle

There is a trend I’ve found over life is that every opinion I’ve ever had has turned out to be wrong eventually.Some opinions were definitely right, but circumstances changed and  they became wrong. It’s annoying as those ones are often my favourites.Some opinions were never right in the first place but I thought they were. […]

Scales of judgment in life

I was Aged 8 or 9. Over a thousand young children from many different schools around the county were privileged enough to go and see David Attenborough perform. Perform is,perhaps the wrong word, talk is more accurate. He’s not a dancer,a juggler or a clown. Yet I always wondered about him. Will there be a […]

You have to kiss a lot of frogs

Many people are quick to give others advice,have you noticed? Kissing lots of frogs seems to be the most popular form of relationship advice. My advice Much as I would hate to dismiss anyone’s advice without due consideration, my advice is this : Start with humans. You don’t have to work your way through the […]

Two figs

You know the person who says they couldn’t give two figs about something? They never have any figs. I don’t have any either but I don’t go on about it. What am I missing? If I was boasting I would start with at least ten figs. You would then say you had 11. Obviously I […]

The innocent prejudice of being 8

One thing I always liked about America was how quick they are to adopt neologisms and develop language. If you’re in america you might agree to meet someone for lunch and drive for hours to get there – at the same time everyone is dropping adverbs – as its an extra syllable- nobody has time […]

Got my easel out

Walking through the woods, entirely filled with flowering garlic – and with trees, obviously. Entirely alone, I though it would be a great place to get my easel out. The reflection of the light through the trees was just perfect. I looked back and found the perfect spot to paint. I also had an idea […]