The innocent prejudice of being 8

One thing I always liked about America was how quick they are to adopt neologisms and develop language. If you’re in america you might agree to meet someone for lunch and drive for hours to get there – at the same time everyone is dropping adverbs – as its an extra syllable- nobody has time […]

Exposure on a night out

Feeling a bit unwell after a night out. My significant other said : “It wouldn’t surprise me if we caught something from the other night. We don’t get much exposure these days.” “Ah, The diseased populus,” I said, “The pox populi.” It did leave me wondering what century I was born in. VOX POPS and […]

Follow the unfortunate #1linerweds

  Follow the unfortunate : They have more to teach you and you can laugh at them to make yourself feel better. This is pure Schadenfreude. From the German for sausage-stealer. To steal someone’s sausages is the colloquial expression for deflating someone’s balloon while blowing into your own. Lowering their status and increasing your personal […]