Do you know who I am !!?

Celebrity is as celebrity does.

The very fact that you’re asking may indicate:

a) you don’t know either.

b) we are both at a loss as to your identity.

c) you’re not carrying photo I.D and a compact mirror to remind yourself.

This is a nicer problem to have though and easily remedied.

If you’re still in doubt – Crime is useful.

Whoever you are – get yourself arrested.

The area constabulary would be pleased to address you by your given name before miranda-isation.

Getting your misdemeanours and debauchery reported by the local press will provide you with a photo, name in bold and ten facts you can discover in print about yourself.

Above all, don’t fret.

You are a product of your biological creators. You have parents somewhere. And rest assured, you are mortal.

… just in case you were worried you were Thor.

Grace Nomel

15 thoughts on “Do you know who I am !!?

    • Easy tiger ! 🙂

      Are you Thor all over or just certain areas?

      Nothing to do with me Peter, I wasn’t even there !

      Might I suggest Deep Heat or Voltarol for your Thorness.

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  1. Well I know certain people who did not born. They just appeared out of nowhere.
    Luckily I know who am i, though somebody has to remind me every day.
    Also I know that I am not Thor beacuse if I were he, the arms would have been bigger.

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  2. It’s like that morning I woke up next to a corpse with no memory of how it got there and no clue except for the return address glued to its back. I knew I’d have to kill the man who framed me for murder because I wanted the world to know that I’m NOT a killer…

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