Emails from heaven#2 #Heaven-sent-challenge


stand easy, 

this isn’t a drill and I assure you, you haven’t lost the plot.

I had the opportunity to brief you, give you a bit of a heads up, so I took it.

Listen, you’re away in 72.

but I think you knew that already, didn’t you?

You have two days to square away any personal admin.

Day 3: pack your kit and wait out.

Unsure of your e.t.a my location but you’ll be double-timing so don’t leave any loose ends.

You’ve got to see this place mucker, it’s incredible.

Most of the gang are already here, there are a few whose numbers aren’t up yet but I’ll tell you about those when I see you.

The lads are planning a rousing welcome for you.

Spectacularly rousing.

Try to take it in good grace. It’s not every day they get their sergeant back and what’s the worst they could do? Kill you?

We’ve had eyes on for a while now, watching you fade in that old folks home.

That’s no place for a hero.

Nurse Ratchet would have been turfing you soon anyway, grabbing her ass every chance you got wasn’t doing you any favours.

There’s already another sad sap lined up, marking time for your warm bed-space.

Listen, me and the lads have got a bar stool and plenty of wets here with your name on ’em.

Smithy said he’s having them, -and Milly; that looker from admin’, if you’re not here in 3 days.

Tim Willow

I’ll be posting every Monday, for at least four weeks, a new short story based around an email from Heaven.

Possibly forever.

Why not join the Email from heaven or Hell  challenge? – #heaven-sent-challenge

The idea is   people in Heaven have just got access to email. The challenge could also be an email from hell.

The challenge is to write something,anything which uses that main idea.

A Story,poem, piece of flash fiction.

If some of the stories link together then all the better.

I ‘ll keep the rules simple.

  1. Tag the post with #heaven-sent-challenge and put a link to this page. (Current week)
  2. It can be anything.
  3. (the person can be in heaven or hell or on earth,sending the email or receiving the email from the dead person or anything else you think of – A demons inbox,hell-spam)
  4. True stories are also allowed – providing it follows rule 3 🙂
  5. Read the other emails from Heaven and follow the people that most interest you.

Have fun


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