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Tim Willow

I always liked my surname. Reminiscent of a Willow tree, whose branches don’t break but bend to throw off the extra weight.

I have found people seem to play a game to see how much weight I can carry.

Occasionally they are violently catapulted into the sky.

I am now calling myself a blonker. the reason within the link.

Why this blonkers blog?

I started the blog with an idea about disproving Einstein.

Not his main theory, which seems to be well followed,but his proverb, if you give a man a fish.

I wondered if I could write other posts in a similar vein – so here I am, having a go.

The idea is to have fun. Hopefully finding other people who share my sense of humor along the way.

Thoughtful and Ordinary

It is all about seeing the ordinary and looking at it in a different way. Whimsical nonsense,no-sense with occasional good sense.

I have even accidentally thrown in some thoughtful posts,which may give pause.

Whether my way of looking at the world is unusual or not, I don’t know.

I know I have spent a lifetime reading books from all genres, Most lie forgotten to my conscious mind.  I feel  sometimes it leaks out.

It all mixes together with my sense of humor to produce, via my new hobby – a blog post.

Some of what I have written is 100% the truth memories and thoughts from my own life.

It is written in a way that you can never be sure. Are we ever really sure in life?

I hope you enjoy what I’m doing and join in.

Twice or Thrice

I will be posting twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturdays. With occasional extra posts.

I am 47 and, likely to stay that way, in terms of this description. I am loathe to update it.

Please encourage us to improve by subscribing and please leave comments to posts where you can.

As the comments are where the real fun lies.

or ask me a silly question.

Some of my posts.

My old village

Can you predict everything anyone will ever say to you?

Which case is mine?

Tony Orlando’s communication system,

When life gives you lemons….


In the words of our writer Grace Nomel.

Like a Grandmother whose stare will turn you into Custard, Grace will appear now and again with words.
First foray into letting my thoughts out for a stroll. The best part of half a century has seen me bemused and bewildered by not understanding what’s going on in life and involved in some amusing attempts at pretending that I did. I’m still bewildered over life but am having some fun while waiting for it to make sense

Grace Nomel will be posting now and again and she will be contributing a few poems,but she it collecting custard by giving out hard stares at the moment.

Here are some of her posts :

Magic Word

Because you’re boring

Expectation and doughnuts.

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