Who knew? Heavens got email.



Email from Heaven.

I bet you all thought you were well rid of me.

I hope you enjoy spending my money after I’m dead.

Won’t you, Charlie boy?

Not laughing now are you?

You didn’t know I supported the military did you?

I  kept that one quiet.

Help for Heroes is a great charity.

They own the house now and you’ll have to keep up on the rent or they’ll sell it from under you.

A kind word

You know they say a kind word costs nothing?

Maybe you should have shared one or two with your old Pa.

Say Hi to your mother for me.

Surely she’s happy now I’m dead.

I suspect not – hard to be happy when you’ve got nothing, eh Charley boy?

She spends most of her time finding things to be unhappy about.

It was nice to help her out after I died.

Well, we all live in the bath we run for ourselves.       

What’s that saying?

Maybe I should ask one of the prophets. Nice guys.

You made your bed now you’re lying in it, Charley boy.

That’s the phrase I needed.

My memory got a bit frizzy in the transition to heaven.

Perhaps you stabbing me didn’t help either.

It was a strange feeling, looking down, watching you do it, cleaning up, hiding the knife.

Somehow I don’t think you’re going to make it up here,Charley Boy.


Perhaps somewhere warmer will suit you?

I always thought Help for Heroes was a good cause.

Perhaps you’ll have fun suing them to get your money?

It should make you look like a stand up guy.

By the way, the police have found the knife.

It seems they  received an anonymous email.

Where from? Who knows?

What do you think of your old Pa now,Charley Boy?

Tim Willow


Part II – Heavens servers got hacked

Part III – Spawn Alert – Update your DSN -or be at risk -Heaven’s servers hacked


34 thoughts on “Who knew? Heavens got email.

  1. Hey this is BRILLIANT. What an amazing and original idea. I’d likento join in the chalkenge if I can fathom out how to do the posting of it. Blindness sucks! Ha! I just love this though, but oh, that KNIFE lol. Wonder what the kinfe thought about it? I mean, it was just an ordinary knife, until it had its adventure!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I want someone to invent this. Emails to the afterlife. I have an aunt, currently languishing some place warmer, who I’d love to have a chat with. Wouldn’t mind a chat with Christopher Lee either.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. 😀
    Great stuff.
    Love it.
    There’s got to be a whole load of information or ‘having the last word’
    those who’ve passed would wish to send in a ‘last chance’ email.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey Tim! This is a great idea! I am actually percolating on an idea for a novel that involves a demon who got kicked out of hell . . . an email from hell could be a fun way to work on the worldbuilding for that. If I do it, I’ll send it you! In the meantime, I’ll keep checking in to read more of yours and others “afterlife” emails.

    Liked by 1 person

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