Street sentences – for lonely people #fowc

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The job I used to do was to design a  project to bring communities together.

Often,in modern life, people don’t really know their neighbours and I wondered if there was a way to bring them together.

If there was a simple way I could make people smile.

The idea I had was so tantalizing that my tanticles were bouncing out all over the place.

In England  there are many streets with only a few houses in them.

My method : –

Write a single word on the back of a postcard.

Send a different word to each house in the street.

So that all the words if put together would form a sentence.

People would be compelled to meet their neighbours, as their desire to know what the sentence was would be so overwhelming.

I put a web address on the postcard, so the word could be entered online,and the sentence filled in.

The first sentence I sent was for a street with 12 houses.

Do you know your closest neighbours?Someone in this street is dying with loneliness.

The words filled in on the online response :

“Know”   “in”

I thought I’d get clever and copy some words of wisdom. What about a quote, I thought?

I found a nice street with 19 houses :

A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money. John ruskin

The online response :

“A”   “Money”

This isn’t working, I thought.

If I send any more postcards, I know one person who would be guaranteed to read it.

Our postman.

In England postmen and women walk round to each house individually on their route.  Then post any letters directly through the letterbox in the door. Giving them spare time, as they walk between the houses.

One of the perks of the job is reading the backs of other peoples postcards.

What would the postman enjoy reading? How could I make a difference to his life?

These are the words, one on each individual postcard, I sent to him :

I’m watching you. I know what you’re doing. Right Now. You’re posting letters.

There are so many postmen in England, delivering mail. Bills, postcards, birthday cards.

I decided to work through them all, sending my postcards to each postal route in the country.

I may not have succeeded with my original idea.

But , if I make each postman smile a little, perhaps I am making a difference.

Maybe some postmen and women will share the story to their local communities and maybe it will bring communities together.

I will never know.

Tim Willow

Thanks be to Fandango for his one word challenge. with the word tantalizing. although I am claiming credit for tanticles.

Can you predict everything anyone will ever say to you?

43 thoughts on “Street sentences – for lonely people #fowc

  1. Great idea ☺️ Although, my mother used to be a post woman in England, and she had some pretty bad mental health issues, so I’m guessing if she was feeling a little paranoid, she might have freaked the f*** out of she’d read a postcard like that!

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  2. There is no doubt in my mind that if I received a postcard with just one word on it, I’d look at it, scratch my head, and toss it. I live in a large city with multi-family dwellings on both sides of my single family home, and I have no idea who my neighbors are.

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  3. a very original and brave social experiment. Maybe the lack of response was because it did not make a difference of they replied or not? people are too self absorbed these days to bother. I do appreciate you wanting to make people smile and get to know each other and took steps and not just talked or wrote about it.


  4. My sentence would be: “It’s nice to be nice” 🙂
    It reminds me of an idea I had for pick-pockets: have a false wallet in my back pocket rigged so that it gives you a slightly painful but harmless electric shock when you open it. Inside there is no money but a note that reads: Ha ha serves you right! No free money from me, I guess you’ll just have to go out and earn it just like everybody else.”

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  5. Why not set up a BBQ in the middle of a small street and bang a pot, loudly. When enough aggravated neighbors appear, invite them to share and ask them to invite other neighbors, also to share. Why not? Of neighbors who actually appear, select one to set up the BBQ the next week or next month. My small neighborhood in Rancho Cordova, California USA has a block party on this level every Independence Day, 4th of July, if you will. We’ve even begun sharing Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties for the entire neighborhood.

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