Murder at mealtimes?

In a word, misophonia. (Fear of sound) A fascinating and somewhat disturbing manifestation that boasts no diagnostic criteria and isn’t thought of as a psychiatric condition. The term Misphonia originated in a publication by audiologists Powel & Margaret Jastreboff in 2000 and is described as a neurological disorder whereby certain trigger sounds can provoke extreme […]

Do you know who I am !!?

Celebrity is as celebrity does. The very fact that you’re asking may indicate: a) you don’t know either. b) we are both at a loss as to your identity. c) you’re not carrying photo I.D and a compact mirror to remind yourself. This is a nicer problem to have though and easily remedied. If you’re […]

Rude, much !!?

A disabled man in his 60’s was left badly shaken today after being involved in an accident. The police weren’t called. The driver of the perambulator; said to be using her phone at the time, can’t be named for legal reasons and left the scene of the incident. Whilst struggling but making steady progress using […]

Outside a box

if you always do, what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Makes sense. It seems I’m not selling myself well enough on job applications and it’s becoming a problem. I wanted to shake things up a little and approach the problem in a different way. I’d heard that writing a […]