It’s one of those things


Any day,Every day, No day, What day?


There was once  a day,maybe it was a  Tuesday.

Nobody knew what anything was.

If I said to you “What’s that?”

You wouldn’t know. It was just a sound to you.

It didn’t mean anything.

It wasn’t until years later,if I asked again “What’s that?”

You could answer.

“That’s a Tuesday.”

When sounds became words


In the early days of making a sound and attaching it to a thing, a lot of things did not

have a sound.

There was me,you, some sand and maybe some potatoes.


One guy just had enough.

He went round naming everything.

Anytime anyone didn’t know what anything was people would ask him.

He would just make a sound and that became the thing.

Years later,  I ask you again “What’s that?”

“It’s a  tree you idiot.”

Now we’re operating at an advanced level.

“Things” are everywhere. “Things” are getting done.
Sounds become things become words become thoughts become real.

Everything is going so well, we’re building houses,inventing computers and doing big

boy fancy wars and stuff.

After all this time, you may find that not everything has a name.

I have a work around for that which has remained nameless.

You may be asked one day “What’s that?”

If you don’t know, your answer should be :

“It’s one of those things.”


Too far too soon


There are so many words for even just one thing, and there are so many tones of voice.
When the sounds are made, it can mean the opposite of what the sound normally means.

Those olden days when you didn’t know which way was up or when no thing was “up”,

seem pretty good after all.

I think I realise what has gone wrong.

Nobody know if anyone is being sarcastic or not.

Sound after sound after sound. Any one of which could mean the opposite of itself.

It may as well be nonsense.

Even worse than before nobody knew what any “thing” was.


Sensible Solution Suckers


But what to do about it?

Earplugs and noise cancelling headphones.

In my house, gained from the utilisation of knowledge of things, I can now sit in

complete silence.

What’s that?

The voices in my head?

That’s another story.

Willows World

If you want to know the name of the guy who named everything – it was me.

So, if you’re not sure of anything, ask.

I’ll make a sound for any “thing” you’re not sure of.

Are you still blonkers?


We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.” — Frank Tibolt

Isn’t it like the idea of inspiration prevents you from accomplishing anything? Take writing,for example. So many times everything stayed in the idea stage. Those ideas were all lost like  a balloon bursting with disappointment, then disappearing. So many balloons burst I decided to try and make some float into the restless sea of wordpress. […]