Reincarnation and training fish.

Without delving into religions and beliefs but instead free falling into whimsy, I’d always thought I’d like to come back as a cat living in my house.

until I realised I would no longer be here to fuss, spoil, pamper and talk to myself.   I wouldn’t be able to ride atop my own shoulders and manage quality control on any meats taken out of the fridge.

no ambush on small children or sitting on the bed waiting to attack my own feet should they move under the covers.

if I’m not able to enjoy the zen like qualities and total worship of reincarnation as a cat, how about the blissful mindfulness of a goldfish?  Don’t get anymore here and now than a really, really short memory,  right?

Not accurate it seems.

I’m hearing that research in Norway has already shown fish can be released into a fjord and summoned back to a feeding area when a particular sound is played. This is classical conditioning and requires memory… more than three seconds of memory.

I can’t think of anything cooler than coming back as a fish belonging to Dr Pomerleau.

Comet the goldfish.

Dr Pomerleau is said to hold the official world record with a three year old calico fantail called Einstein, who will perform a large repertoire of tricks.

He’s also the current owner of Comet the goldfish, who is thought to have mastered and surpassed Einstein’s intelligence.

If we are only at the starting blocks of fish training,

Imagine the possibilities.

Grace Nomel

9 thoughts on “Reincarnation and training fish.

  1. I kind of like who I am so if there is such a thing as reincarnation, just as soon return as me, ready to go on new adventures and continue to search for my destiny… 🙂

    “There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stopped the story.”
    ― Frank Herbert

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  2. I’m not sure I want to imagine the possibilities. If goldfish will have Einstein like brains, envision the payback they’ll require for all the relatives of theirs we’ve flushed over the years.
    Be afraid….

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  3. I used to want to come back as a mule; but, then I found out that mules are sterile hybrids. Then, I REALLY wanted to come back as a mule.

    [Just kidding, parenthood is beautiful and without stress blah blah blah]

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    • Parenthood is a funny old thing.
      We start out with the most magnificent and honourable intentions text book style.

      Then we actually rear them.

      They’ll always turn out as mini versions of ourselves who were given different opportunities and have made a couple of different choices, genetics will make sure of that…
      Unless they’ve been adopted, stolen from somewhere, assembled in a workshop or raised by wolves.
      We only have to look at Pinocchio or Mowgli as evidence.

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