Ask a silly question response

Well raynotbradbury has asked me a silly question.

Situation 1: I’d like to invite 4 people on the trip (with me), but they doesn’t have any money for the hotel or flight. Invite and pay for them? (I have the exact amount only). Or forget and wait until I’ll become the next billionaire?

Here goes :

My first response is that the question is not silly. You will very obviously become the next billionaire.

I can say that life is for-giving and if you are to pay for three of your friends to go on a trip, they will remember it for a lifetime.

It also means that you can relax and take it easy. I see it as almost impossible that one of your friends does not become a billionaire.

Because you spend every last penny on them, they will give you enough money for the rest of their days when one of them becomes a billionaire.

So relax, take your friends on holiday, you’ll never have to work again.

Anyone else want to ask a silly question?

Do you have a better solution?




32 thoughts on “Ask a silly question response

  1. Lol it is not friends but relatives of my husband:) & they r never paying back (she works as teacher, he – plumber) & we r usually always paying for them :)) if we invite them to the trip with us (they r 4, not 3, #justsaying: 2 parents & 2 kids 17 & 16 yo). It’s just I’d like to save the money but I love some company too 😂😂😂


  2. I suggest that RayNotBradbury writes Fahrenheit 452 and gets stinking rich and doesn’t grudge poor folk a wee holiday in the lap of 5-star luxury.
    Or put them in a bus and a 2-star hotel down the road.

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