I’m sure you’ve heard of a portmanteau word. Its a word based on joining two words together. Based on a travelling bag that had two separate opening parts. I’d like to pleasantly introduce being plappy. A word that describes a mood that improves as you’re speaking. As you’re speaking you realise your mood is better […]


As a flower asleep to her beauty,can only be beautiful, As each moment that blossoms must die, this peace of mind,that I’m trying to find is like lying back to question the sky. The beauty of each moment is revealed in its passing. Like Lucifer we fall, into the world of definitions and distinctions. bringing […]

Do you have a CB?

New Questions Everyone stood still at school until one thing happened. A new question arrived. Suddenly the playground came alive with excitement,but what was the question? ‘Do you have a CB?’ CB radio,Citizens band radio, was popular among adults and some children when I grew up,in the golden days before the internet. Allowing weirdos to […]


Went for a short walk yesterday during the lockdown.We’re allowed a walk.Heard this shouting from a couple of streets over.People are even more annoying than usual, I find…Theres a six feet exclusion zone now.Great. Now I have to let people get closer to me than ever.It’s usually 15 or 20 feet.’Pauline’ he shouted. Again. Again.Is […]