Cutting out the awkward middle

The awkward middle

There is a trend I’ve found over life is that every opinion I’ve ever had has turned out to be wrong eventually.
Some opinions were definitely right, but circumstances changed and  they became wrong. It’s annoying as those ones are often my favourites.
Some opinions were never right in the first place but I thought they were.

The world soon returns to its natural state of me being wrong about everything. Which is much more relaxing.

Yet I still keep inventing new opinions.

A crumbling empire of self regard

It’s made even more difficult as I noticed no matter what you think you can also think the opposite. Where is the certainty? I can be stumbling along pretending I’m brilliant,as is my usual habit, then suddenly someone will say ELEPHANT. How on earth did that happen?

All these lovely thoughts I’m trying to keep are gone. And now I’m riding an elephant.

Why have an opinion at all?

Why not cut-out that awkward middle part. The part where I think I’m right and get on everyones nerves.

Why don’t I just get on everyones nerves anyway without having any opinions?

That removes the risk of them agreeing with me.

At least that’s my opinion. I know I’m right.

So does my elephant.

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