Scales of judgment in life

I was Aged 8 or 9. Over a thousand young children from many different schools around the county were privileged enough to go and see David Attenborough perform.

Perform is,perhaps the wrong word, talk is more accurate.

He’s not a dancer,a juggler or a clown. Yet I always wondered about him.

Will there be a talk?

A thousand children all chatting to each other,a nonsensical cacophony of joy. The excitement of childhood, not knowing what anything is and feeling the need to tell people simultaneously in an incomprehensible way.

Apart from me. I sat still. I watched David come out onto the stage.

“I can’t tell my gorilla story under these circumstances.” I imagined he thought.

He first told us to sit still. It didn’t work.

He tried again.

He took back control. He told us to get rid of as much energy as we could. He told us to wriggle in our seats as much as possible .

I am not a wriggler

I sat still.

The whole room was filled with wrigglers,people trying to out wriggle each other,trying to be the best wriggler.

I sat still.

“Arent you going to wriggle?” Said my friend.

With each wriggle he lost more of my respect.

He asked me again. He kept trying. I was being wriggle bullied.

I moved my shoulder a bit and said “There. I wriggled.”

I knew we were no longer friends.

He’s a god,he’s a man, he’s a ghost he’s a guru

Non wrigglers from history

I didn’t go to Nuremburg but I did experience the dutiful obedience of a crowd acting as one. Like this man, highlighted in red, I like to think I wasn’t scared.

Population control

Remembering that time I saw David Attenborough many years later, I realised something. It’s not that he didn’t want every single one of those children dead. He just wished none of us had been born in the first place.

He believes the world is over populated. He doesn’t want us here.


In some ideologies it can be quite clear what is wrong or right. In some it’s like arguing for the colour red versus the colour blue. Each colour is equal in its difference, there is no superior morality in the comparison.

How do we separate those who would murder and kill masses of people , versus those who’d rather none of us be born in the first place?

The goal is fewer people.

I only wish I had the wisdom to know the difference.

Making a stand

I made a stand that day,without realising it.

OK: I didnt stand up but I am not a wriggler.


I hope you dear reader, would be the same.

If someone asks you to wriggle. DONT DO IT.

Unless you love them very much.

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