Got my easel out

Walking through the woods, entirely filled with flowering garlic – and with trees, obviously. Entirely alone, I though it would be a great place to get my easel out.

The reflection of the light through the trees was just perfect. I looked back and found the perfect spot to paint. I also had an idea of how to do it differently.

Buy the stuff

I don’t have an easel. I also don’t have any paint,apart from the pot left over when we did our living room. That’s green, so it might work. I filed it away in my brain to forget about later.

The stuff arrived.

Getting it all out in public.

To catch the right light, I knew I had to be there early morning. Plus the setting up time for the easel and paints. On reflection, I should have practiced at least once.

My most important purchase was my artists chair. I’m hardly going to stand up all-day.

I found the same spot. Perfect. I was able to sort up at the side of the path. Even though the forest was quiet, I wanted to angle the easel so people who did walk past wouldn’t be able to see what I was painting. They would have to ask.

I set up the easel and decided to drink my coffee and soak in the surroundings.

Genius strikes

I am actually quite shy and don’t like to share my work,unless it’s perfect.

I just love the idea of sitting in the forest,waiting for that passerby to first appraise the view that I’m looking at,then to ask me if they may look at my painting.

Then they will see,as you will now what I painted that day……..



The wee stick man

I call it the wee stick man. Its nice to see people smile and try not to laugh when they see it. I suspect they think I’ve just been let out for the day.

A smile is still a smile though,isn’t it?

That’s why my wee stick man is smiling. If you see a smile you’re already half way to happiness.

Plus forests take ages.

I’m not Bob Ross or JMW Turner, I’m closer to Picasso. The real deal.

This was brought to you on behalf of my work for the APS. The anecdote provision service. Trying to make people smirk when they know they shouldn’t.

11 thoughts on “Got my easel out

  1. I particularly like the bold upward thrust of the body stroke. Now, was the leg a separate brush stroke, or one continuous flick of the brush? Sheer genius to have the three detached limbs showing the joy of movement, and the tiny nose is just perfect so as not to distract from the main theme of the work, the wide smile and laughing eyes!

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    • Thank you, with comments like that I almost feel compelled to dedicate my next piece to you. I’m not guaranteeing the piece will look any different,as you’ve more or less said. It’s hard to improve upon perfection

      Liked by 1 person

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