The advantages of deliberate mistakes

I hate to disappoint you, but I’ve heard you still think there is only one of me. I’ve got some bad news.


Every mistake I make creates another universe with a successful me in it. There is no limit. Considering the amount of mistakes I’ve made in life so far, that number is already almost infinite.



If you thought I thought that applied to me alone, you’d think I was mad. If you think I think it applies to everyone I become a leading physicist and talk endlessly about multiverse theory. It just so happens,it is,all about me.

Einstein times a million million

If I manage to get those different people together, all of the “ME’s” across all the universes, its hard to imagine such a collection of intelligence and power.

I share this in the pure knowledge that nobody will be able to stop the “ME’s.”

Feel the power

Every day we become stronger. Each mistake I make just ensures the inevitable.

One day soon,ONE out of all the ME’s ,in all of the universes, will figure out how to tie our shoelaces properly. That one will be the new god of the ME’s, to lead us all,without tripping, to a new life.

A life where we can get on each others nerves,instead of our own.

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