What was your Masterchef cooking entry?

It was a few years ago since I appeared but you can never lose that feeling of success,even if you don’t win.

I was never the best at presentation but I’d never put as much thought into anything in my life.

I should confess at this point , I had no idea what an entree was.

I was also shocked they asked me for a third course, so I was pretty proud at what I created on the fly.

My Menu


Asparagus plodgers with shaved legs and cloglets, stuck in a soft boiled egg with a shaved carrot hat.


Deconstructed meat type product, with sprinkles of fried reconstituted floor scraps and flavoured splart balls.


The finest pocket warmed, mint aero, embedded with emerald foil.

What would you cook for your masterchef adventure?

8 thoughts on “What was your Masterchef cooking entry?

  1. Starter: hot chocolate
    Entree: dark chocolate with walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and orange marmalade dipping sauce
    Dessert: dark chocolate pieces topped with whipped cream
    (Chef Ramsey will be very impressed, I’m sure.)

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