When you drop the social masks you wear

Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. Oscar Wilde

I read this quote and I thought, for one day only, I would say what I thought without restriction to everyone I met.

I would be completely myself,without a mask.

I stayed in the house the first day and didn’t see anybody.

I decided to run the experiment for a second day.

It was an unusual Tuesday as I had things to do.

I normally fill my diary with no things as I like to stick to what I know best.


As I leave the house I normally have a peep.

If the neighbours aren’t there – I am free to leave without risk of conversation.

They’re not bad people – I am the bad one. I’m a peeper.

Today was the second day of the experiment so I had to make sure I met people.

I had a quick peep and I could see one of the very same – a person -who also seemed to be an exact copy of my neighbour- inflating his car tyres.

No Mask.

hey Chris – you’re getting fat. I looked at you from upstairs yesterday – looks like you’re getting bald – How’s your wife doing after she ran off with that police officer?

The truth hurts

It’s strange, I thought as I lay on the floor while he continued to hit me. I can’t remember ever inflating my car tires. Perhaps it’s something I should be doing regularly.

17 thoughts on “When you drop the social masks you wear

    • I like Peters comments myself 🙂 but I didn’t know anyone else’s wife who ran off with a policeman. And I didn’t want to walk that far.,Oscar Wilde didn’t say to walk round the corner first…


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