How do you get past writers block?

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When I told my wife about my writers block she told me I should kill my darlings.

I thought she cared about our children more than that.

Happy wife,happy life as they say.

I  just go along with her as it’s so much easier.

Halfway through my prison term I realised she was talking about brevity.

I should cut  the fat out of my writing in order to further the story.

I guess the lesson she should carry through to her next life is not to be so ambiguous.

Prison is great for writing though.

It’s amazing how unexpected events in life turn out to be amazing opportunities.

Did you read this? Are you blonkers?

14 thoughts on “How do you get past writers block?

  1. My immediate reaction to the subject heading of this post was to answer “with an axe”. Opening and reading your post, though? Hahaha, fuck yeah. Let’s go, swinging! Lumberjack, build a raft and race the lemmings down the rapids! (Kneecap them little darling mother-lovers.)

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  2. Writers block has never been an issue for me, rather the opposite I’m afraid. I can ramble on for days about virtually nothing… as my blog proves nicely.
    But I can see the allure of prison. A barren room, no phone, no cable. The only distraction that fellow in #46 who won’t stop screaming…

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  3. “It’s amazing how unexpected events in life turn out to be amazing opportunities.”
    Now if only my smoke detector would stop beeping. What amazing opportunity could that possibly offer?

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