5 Blogging tips to Save your Soul –


I’ve made a few mistakes in my life.

I sold my soul to the Devil, closed the car door right onto my thumb and once turned my finger green with burns while cooking.

It ended up as a happy accident as I discovered the Devil’s affiliate scheme.

I signed up immediately.

My blogging really took off even though I was soul-less and would probably spend an eternity in hell.

As long as I keep drawing up new business, selling my soul first didn’t matter.

I get an extra year of life for each new soul I bring in.

I’m confident of avoiding hell – the devil isn’t going to win this one.

I’m writing this so you don’t make those early mistakes I did.

You can grow your readership without the Devils help.


5 Blogging  Tips to avoid Eternal Damnation



1. Become an affiliate for the devil

If  Charley Boy can do it you can too.

There are untold riches to be made, when selling your soul, like a nookmark bookmark.

I stumbled into this accidentally but I knew a good deal when I found one.


2. Follow people but don’t read their stuff.

You’re looking for people who do the same.


We’re all into saving time. This works for everybody.

If everyone agrees just to like and follow everything, we all pretend we’re brilliant and finish early.

The major  benefit is they don’t read your stuff – an advantage if your posts aren’t very good. You don’t want anyone to read them if it’s embarrassing.

The best advantage is you don’t have to read theirs either.


3. Copy off someone else.


I do try and copy off others where I can.

I’m not very good at it.

I use the same words but keep jumbling up the order.

You could do much better.


4. Don’t type your words in white.


It took me a year to realise I was posting blank pages, no-one could see my posts.

White on White is not all right.

Although there are people who wish they had never seen my posts.

I am not racist but the best words are usually black or one of the non-white colors.


5. Lie to yourself about it.


A great way to avoid disappointment. Get some friends. That way you can all agree to lie

to each other about yourselves and agree that your pretence is the truth.

Saves a lot of learning and heartache.

Tip 5 is one of the most popular. Also really good for CV’s as it is a transferable skill.

Tim Willow



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