The glass is taxing, the cup relaxing

It is impossible to have a drink in a glass without an argument.

Without some fool making a comment.

I even had to draw the blinds,people were peering through the windows.

Trying to see how much was in it.

Telling me there’s a reason why .

I just could not handle the scrutiny.

I told my reasons again and again.

1. I want to drink what is in the glass.

2. I don’t want to spill anything.

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It didn’t stop.

I guess I was unlucky with my neighbors.

An optimist, a pessimist and an engineer.

That’s why I bought a cup.

They can’t handle the cup.

Not knowing the contents drove them mad.

I actually go round carrying my cup when there’s nothing in it.

You’re saying the cups full of air, right?

You’re one of them.

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