Silly question #5, Are there potato trucks? I thought there was just bags.

brown potato in front of french fries
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Down the road we saw four potato trucks driving ahead of us.

As I drove past my passenger said :

“Are there potato trucks? I thought there were just bags.”

I cried as the trucks had no windows and the potatoes could not see out.

Why are we so cruel to our vegetables?

Potato Bag Lesson

Thus followed a fourteen second conversation about the potato industry.

The trucks take them to the big bag place.

The big bag place sends them to the small bag places.

The small bag places find smaller bags.

The people buy smaller bags the small bag place used.

That’s why a million potatoes costs a penny and a potato from the small bag place can be more than a dollar.

An English Blessing

England is  the only place where English food is venerated.

Even then – it is only one food – that is blessed.

The honest potato.

There is no religious ceremony around  other vegetables in England

There is one food that will not be touched.

An unsung potato.

Unsung potatoes

Before the trucks take the potatoes to the big bag place they are  blessed.

As the trucks are loaded,as potatoes are such a holy food, the truck loaders count their blessings.

one,potato,two potato, 3 potato four,


Once all the blessing have been counted, the truck proceeds to the big bag place.

It’s a secret of the potato industry,tighter than a Freemasons handshake.

Know your rights

An unsung potato cannot be sold in England.

You have rights.

If you suspect you have been sold an unsung potato please contact someone for help.

Rest assured,if you even thought of doing this, you do need help.


Did you read this? Are you blonkers?

Are you too embarrassed to tell people you just read this?

Please share it and ask for help.

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