Silly question #3: If you stop the microwave before it beeps, are you robbing your food of that last second?

two white ceramic plates near microwave on counter top
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WingedTrish of the introspective Salon asked :

If you stop the microwave before it beeps, are you robbing your food of that last second?

As the saying goes “Ask a silly question, get a silly answer”.

The difficulty I have that most questions people think are quite silly, I think are totally sensible.

I am imagining the last second of life of a frozen lasagne.

Does the microwave murder your food?

I remember reading the book – The Idiot by Dostoevsky,a man who was condemned to death at one point in his life.

In the book he wrote of a man who was due to be guillotined.

The blade slices through the neck .

Blood still pumps around the head –

Do the eyes see for that one split second as the head falls?

Does the brain still think?

Memories are jumbled into one massive randomiser.

The last thought could be any thought from your life.

I forgot to buy bread.

That last second

I thought again of the frozen lasagne and that last second before the microwave ‘pings’

I would urge all readers to make sure your food is dead before putting it the microwave.

Stick a knife in it a few times.

This not only ensures your lasagne is dead, it will pierce the plastic packaging to make sure it cooks better.

What would your answer to Trishes silly question be?

What would you not want your last thought to be?

Tim Willow

Thank you Trish for your silly question. I hope I have not disgraced you with my answer.

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30 thoughts on “Silly question #3: If you stop the microwave before it beeps, are you robbing your food of that last second?

  1. The best way to test your theory is to climb in the microwave, with the food, and conduct a live interview during the cooking process. You will, of course, need to maintain a written log as anything electronic will not work within the confines of a metal cage emitting microwaves. If you need any help in getting in then I am willing, for a small fee, to come and help stuff you!

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  2. I’d like to look at my own brain in that final moment before signing out.

    In some images I’ve looked at, the eyes of the decapitated head have rolled up so that only the whites are visable.

    I like to think that they too have marvelled at the glory that is their own brain.

    What do I not wish to think about in that final moment?

    Whether or not I set the house alarm on leaving.

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  3. I prefer methods other than Microwave, in preparing my food. There are times, though, like my workday lunch, when the good old radar range is the only viable option. Then, I zap the food, and let it sit in the hot box for a few seconds, after the beep, as it needs time to set.

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