If you take a book into a forest..



If you take a book into a forest..  Will the trees cry?

Their friends have been pulped, and reformed into this monstrosity ,which I hold in my hand.

A vessel for trite human emotion.

Gratuitously I read poetry for the fallen, walking among them.

A pulped heart, a forlorn life, vandalized with human desire.

That vile self-awareness leading us to modernity.

Will the trees like jokes?

I’ll read them some jokes on my next forest walk.

My forest walks really cheer me up.

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For the amateur killer, one is the loneliest number

41 thoughts on “If you take a book into a forest..

  1. I’m stumped.
    Do I bough to technology and take a leaf out of Natalie’s book,
    branching out and stick my reading on a kindle?

    Do trees ‘cry’?

    And who is Donald?

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  2. Yes, who is Donald?
    i think you are safer to branch off into a more tree-friendly activity for your forest walks, such as playing music. They would like that better… though they would probably prefer brass instruments.

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  3. I hope I don’t sound weird but this reminded me of when we were kids and there were always torn out pages of Porn magazines in the forest? Not anymore though a bit like white dog poo what happened to that I wonder? Great post though, loved it 😀

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